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We can help.

Gig companies deactivate workers for a variety of reasons. We've launched a new service to support workers’ efforts to be reinstated.

One-time fee: $24.99

(We cannot guarantee reactivation or a response from the deactivating company. This is an effort to get the company's attention. In some cases, the gig companies offer no response to the deactivated driver)

Example of Reactivation

1. Complete Form

Provide the details of your deactivation.

2. Attach Evidence

Screenshots? Photos? Provide any documents to prove your case.

3. Send Letter

Once we receive your submission, our attorneys will draft and send a letter to the gig company on your behalf.

4. Follow-up

LegalRideshare will advise you when the letter is sent, and will provide updates on any responses from the gig company.

Reactivation Request:

DISCLAIMER: You have not retained LegalRideshare LLC as your attorneys. You have no attorney-client relationship with LegalRideshare LLC. LegalRideshare LLC will not take any action on your behalf other than mailing a letter to the corporate office of the deactivating company. LegalRideshare LLC will not file any demands for arbitration, claims for damages, lawsuits, or other actions on your behalf. LegalRideshare LLC will not follow-up with any companies regarding your deactivation after the initial letter is sent. LegalRideshare LLC will not issue any refunds in relation to this service. Should you wish to pursue legal action against any person or entity relating to your deactivation (or anything else), it is in your interest to contact an attorney in your state as soon as possible. There are strict deadlines for filing legal claims relating to wrongful termination, loss of employment opportunity, lost wages, breach of contract, defamation, injuries, and other matters. Those deadlines vary by state and claim. LegalRideshare LLC urges you to contact another law firm immediately should you wish to file a claim and/or lawsuit.

I have read and accept the above terms.
LegalRideshare LLC
This service provides gig workers with an opportunity to have their accounts reviewed by the deactivating gig companies.

While we cannot guarantee reactivation, LegalRideshare has secured positive outcomes for many drivers.